Crack Filling

Oregon Asphalt Crack Filling Services

Small cracks in your parking lot can be slowed down with the use of crack filler. A hot rubberized tar is used to seal the cracks in the asphalt to waterproof the surface. This is a highly recommended preventative maintenance tool. Best used in conjunction with sealcoat, but is available as a separate service.

If crack filling is not done, the cracks will continue to grow due to the weight of vehicles that drive on the asphalt, as well as the rain water will erode the soil underneath. When the cold weather arrives, the water in the cracks will turn into ice, expand and cause further damage to the asphalt by making the cracks larger. If the cracks get too big, crack-filling will no longer be effective, and there will be no other choice but to repave or patch the actual asphalt, which can be costly.