OAM uses a premium grade of sealcoat because we understand the impact the NW weather and the Pacific Ocean have on your asphalt property. This mix is specifically designed to work the best in this environment. A-100 HD is a high performance asphalt emulsion sealer blended with polymers. Polymers are hot blended directly into A-100 HD during manufacturing process to produce a coating with added toughness, flexibility, adhesion, and weather resistance.

Think of sealcoat like paint for your house, it is a protective coat. Sealcoat protects the asphalt from the weather elements, the oils, the gasoline, and the rain. Sealcoat is black in color, it will make your parking lot or driveway look almost new, making your property stand out. New asphalt should get a coat of sealer in its’ first year of life. Existing asphalt sealcoat schedule depends on the usage and condition of asphalt, but 3 to 7 year window should be the usual cycle.

The following is a general endorsement from the ‘Asphalt Institute’ regarding asphalt sealing technology: “If one does not seal, fine hair line cracks appear in the pavements surface…and this is the start of a maintenance problem… By sealing we then extend the life of the pavements… if one seals immediately, and providing other variables that lead to pavement failure do not come into play, you should be able to extend the pavement life almost indefinitely…”(Excerpt from letter by Carl W. Lubold, Jr., District Engineer, for the Asphalt Institute.)