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What is Sealcoat and why do I need it?

Think of sealcoat like paint for your house, it is a protective coat. Sealcoat protects the asphalt from the weather elements, the oils, the gasoline, and the rain. Sealcoat is black in color, it will make your parking lot or driveway look almost new, making your property stand out.
Sealcoat extends the life of your asphalt saving you literally thousands of dollars by giving your years of extra time before you need to have your asphalt repaved.

How do I get a bid or a quote for my driveway?

E-mail Rex at moc.wnmaonull@xer with your contact information and that you would like a quote for your driveway. If you know any information such as last time sealcoated, when it was paved, how many sq ft it is- send it to us, it is helpful. However, if you do not have it, contact us anyway. Rex will contact you and schedule a date to come take a look at the condition of your driveway. From there, we will give you a free no obligation estimate and if you would like to move forward with the job we will schedule a date. If you want to think about it- take your time, no pressure.

Do you offer discounts or any special deals?

If you are homeowner getting your driveway done, and you get a few of your neighbors to sealcoat their driveways also on the same day as your job is scheduled YES, we will reduce your price.

How good of a deal can I get?

Depends how many neighbors are getting their driveways sealcoated. Get 6 neighbors- your driveway is free.
If you are business owner- the larger your property is the cheaper the price is per square foot. If you are combining services such as striping and sealcoating it is a better price deal than doing them separately.

Can you do work on Holidays and weekends?

YES! Just please ask!

How does your scheduling work?

Our industry is at the mercy of the weather. We will do the best we can to stick to the planned schedule, however if the weather is not cooperating (rainy, misty, cold, grey) we will have to re-schedule.
If there is a particular day you want the work done- we will put you on the schedule for that day if the spot is open. However, as mentioned above, it is subject to change.

What jobs have you done?

We have worked with private homeowners, large construction companies, and business owners.
Take a look at the Interior Corner parking lot on HWY 101, it was sealcoated and striped in May of 2013.
Take a look at the Dutch Brothers on Marine Drive at the South end of town, it was striped in May of 2013; and Klemp Family Dentistry of W Marine Drive that was done in May of 2013.
Take a look at Tillamook Family Counseling parking lot off Main Ave, it was sealcoated and striped in July of 2013.
Take a look at the Hammond Marina parking lot, it was striped in July of 2013.
Naselle: Naselle High School- there is a part of the parking lot that was sealcoated and striped in June of 2013.
Ilwaco: Wasterwater plant in Ilwaco was sealcoated and striped in June of 2013.

Do you have pictures of your jobs?

To see the quality of our work please visit our Facebook page where you will see pictures of recent jobs we have done or are working on. The instant connection from our cell phones to the facebook page allows us to post instant updates and photos of work that we do, it is quicker and easier than loading them on the webpage. Although you will find photos of the jobs we’ve done on our site also.

What do customers say about your work?

Thanks again for your hard work and commitment to quality service and product – I will recommend you to others!

Charles Steynor, GM
Ecola Creek Lodge

You’re getting the gold star on the quick turn around. Really appreciate it.

O’Brien Construction LLC

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Need to Hire a Contractor?


Here are some great tips when hiring a contractor in Oregon


Licensed, Bonded and Insured:

To protect your property and your investment you should always check with the Construction Contractors Board to make sure the company you are hiring is licensed to perform the construction or repair. Every construction company has to pass the State exam and be licensed, bonded and insured to do business in the state of Oregon. The role of the CCB is to make sure that the company carries the proper amount of insurance and proper amounts of bonds in case something does go wrong at the job site.

A contractor should never give you a hard time if you ask for proof that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If they do, that should be a red flag to give the CCB a call and find out. You can also check online at by clicking here.


Get bids from more than one licensed contractor, and don’t automatically take the lowest bid. Cheaper isn’t better, there is a reason why it is low! What are those reasons? The contractor didn’t bid everything and your price will either go up as the job begins or the contractor will take shortcuts and use cheaper materials, and you will not have a quality product in the end.


Your contractor should get back to your phone calls and e-mails in a reasonable amount of time. Your business is what keeps them alive, the customer should be the priority. If a contractor does not communicate with you, think twice about hiring them. If they don’t call back now when money is not involved, what will happen when you paid your deposit?

Make sure you communicate clearly with your contractor, don’t assume they know what you want. Be as specific as possible, read the details in the contracts. If your contractor doesn’t acknowledge a particular request, re-iterate it, don’t assume they heard you. Communication is as much of a responsibility of a client as it is for a contractor. Miscommunications and assumptions are costly for both parties and create hard feelings that no one wants. The contractor wants the job to go as smooth as possible just as much as you do.

Best practice: while the phone call is a good way to initiate the contact, it is best to communicate further via e-mail, simply because you will have proof of the conversation. You should always read the contracts and change orders before signing them.


Unless the contractor is brand new, it is typical for them to have references you can call on. You can ask the contractor for them, or may be you already know someone or some place where they have done work. Call and make sure the client was happy with the job and the process.

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